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Here is the non-fictional reaction to "The Real Ghostbusters" :P

This week was AWESOME, GUYS. I even had to stop in the middle of it to write, when Barnes and Demian started eavesdropping on Sam and Dean. Who were fantastic characters, so much love. Perfectly geeky, with actual perspective, good hearts, and a lot of guts. And delightfully, atypically gay and alive and heroes. It’s taken four and a half seasons, but Supernatural has created not one, but two queer characters I have no complaints about. (I liked Lily, one of the psychic kids [she could kill with a touch] in late season two but they killed her off in short order. The media has enough dead lesbians, kthx Kripke.) I also really enjoyed Chuck’s characterization, which managed to draw in both heroic!Chuck and the rather hopeless one we met back at the start of his storyline.

The meta this episode presents is really quite delightful. I think we’re well past the point of using one-off fantasy episodes to remind Sam and Dean (mostly Dean) why they’re doing this, but Barnes and Demian’s feelings on the subject manage the same thing rather eloquently.

You know, Hookman Fritz complained about Supernatural and creepy kids, but the show does it so well.

I've never heard of LARPing being conducted quite the way the show paints it, which I actually find a little bit irritating. The interpretation of it is correct if we’re using the acronym literally, but I’ve never heard of a game where everyone plays the same two characters or, more importantly, where you include outsiders (like in “The Monster at the End of this Book). Someone on the flist was wondering about the gender mix and to the best of my knowledge, it seems about right. I don’t think I’ve ever done any real-world gaming (table-top or LARP) where the women have outnumbered the men, though I’ve played pretty evenly numbered set-ups several times.

That Becky got to contribute something to the plot was a lovely touch. It’s a nice little clin-d’oeuil to the audience and as [livejournal.com profile] smilla02 points out, totally adorable that Kripke is shipping himself with us. And after Becky’s break-up speech, you just know that she’s going to go online and write angsty Sam who has been rejected by OFC and finds solace along Dean's clavicle and in his arms.

I've also seen the clips for next week and YESSSSSSSS, I LOVE THE CASTING SO HARD. In both videos, actually, but especially in the second one. (And the Vancouver-based actors just keep getting recycled on new shows, I love it.)
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