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In which I attempt a slightly more positive approach.

October 21's Glee episode, not very spoilery. )
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How did the hermit pay for his home?

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Trevor: Man, there are good reasons nobody uses Internet Explorer.

This was also the conversation which spawned the line "Will DM for food."

Innovative, but possibly difficult to reach such a niche market.
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Dear exclamation mark,

I apologize for the past and present abuse; I promise to be more discriminate about your use in the future.

Love always,
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Supernatural 4.16 "On the Head"

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I am way too old to be crushing on the bad boy, but it's clear that Dean Winchester's secret depths of emotional pain and pretty, pretty eyes have done me in.
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The premiere of Supernatural: surprisingly catchy! The roles the women played were about as awful as I expected (note: not a comment on the acting, which was good to excellent), but it was interesting and fun and made me want to watch some more. Poor Jared Padalecki is a bit typecast in this role; I can see echoes of Dean of Gilmore Girls. We'll have to see where the role takes him!

You know, I'm not all that far in yet, but I kind of get why people slash the leads. It's hard to think of them as actual brothers. Even if the banter is just right for family, the chemistry is all wrong.

Episode two is making me flail with Battlestar love. Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben) and Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle) are both present and it's really quite fun. (To hell with dim lighting meshing badly with streaming quality; I'd recognize Rhodes' voice anywhere.) Additionally, I'm glad they're making Dean a slightly sympathetic ass in this episode, as in the pilot he was mostly just a slightly charming ass, in that way that only fictional characters can get away with.

Also, the show is a bit spooky and I'm a bit afraid to go upstairs alone into the dark.
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(Make sure you read the alt text, which refers to this.)
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I really want to get into Glee - give me a show about geeky choir kids, I say hell yeah - but even if the writing weren't weak to begin with, but I'm so distracted by the painful stereotyping. I get that a lot of it is intentional - jocks and cheerleaders and music nerds - and I love that there's actually a character with a disability in the main cast... but why is it that the white, straight, able-bodied teens have the lead singing and acting roles? The back-up singers are an east asian girl, a black girl (who seems to tick every stereotype!), a white gay male (who is so feminine he sings up into an alto range), and a white extra nerdy nerd in a wheelchair. Well done ticking the demographic boxes!

I wish I could be thrilled to see a character with a disability visibly present on a mainstream show, but he's the only character whose audition is skipped over, he is frequently shoved around - without consent - and crashes into things, and is never actually seen wheeling himself anywhere. (Because people with disabilities always need help like that.) The 'successful' song and dance number also doesn't feature him; he's off to the side playing guitar. Which is still pretty rockin', especially considering he brought the jazz band in on the affair (even if if was the straight white male lead's idea) and because he seems to be pretty good at it. Except that one of the other characters grabs his chair and starts moving him around without permission AGAIN and that this is the extent of his involvement in the singing and dancing, even if he is supposed to be a Glee Club member and not a part of the band. In fact, earlier attempts to choreograph the wheelchair into things are seen as purely comedic.

Also, seriously? Is "I Kissed a Girl" really that awesome a song that it was the one you had to choose to show a character as "edgy"? Because really, it's still more than a little bit offensive.

And these are just the teenagers. The adult cast wishes it were this diverse (Ha!)
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Hey guys, why are communists good at school?

(It is because they get good Marx.)
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Star Trek, heck yeah! I could say more, but that about sums it up.

So we're playing Dungeons and Dragons yesterday and we finally find the lizard folk shaman in a dungeon. Epic battle commences! About when he gets bloodied, he decides that we are "worthy of seeing his true form" and hell yes, he turns into a green dragon. I have also learned that dragons are actually clever enough to try and run away when they are likely to be killed; I have also learned that the idea of it is so unsatisfactory that I would almost rather lose my character. We actually did lose our halfling in the battle (that breathing poison thing is REALLY EFFECTIVE) and nearly lost two others - the Warlord spent about half the battle rolling to stabilize.

But now, oh now, I can honestly say I have fought a dragon in a dungeon. In character, anyway.
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Verne Harris is coming to my faculty! I am only barely restraining myself from using capslock here guys and you'll please have to allow me this moment of sheer archival geekery, because only a handful of you might even know the man's name.

Harris is arguably one of the "celebrities" of the world of archival theory. We read quite a few of his papers in class and I did a presentation on yet another that he co-authored (with Wendy Duff, "Stories and Names: Archival Description as Narrating Records and Constructing Meanings" in Archival Science). He writes about deconstructionist theory as applicable to archives. I loved the paper I presented on - arguing that no classification system can ever claim to be free of bias, ever - and I'm excited to hear him talk about the very notion of an archive and how politics (invariably) invade that space.

Alright, less geeking out, more tacos! Siete de Mayo party!
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Spoilers for Princep's Fury ) Now back to our (ir)regularily scheduled blogging. ETA: Apologies for the bad html on the cut!
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I was getting my paper done and then I came home! Why did I come home? I know better than that! Augh!
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I'm going to wake up a little bit early on Sunday morning and hide chocolate eggs all around the shared living area of the suite.

Due South!

Apr. 1st, 2009 06:56 pm
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(Ray is working at a keyboard, typing hunt-and-pick style. Ray is an American; Fraser is a Canadian.)

Fraser: That's a zed.
Ray: What's a zed?
Fraser: A zee. You meant to hit an 's'.
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Spoilers for the Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x17 )

It is Sunday (and therefore time for Battlestar) yet?


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