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Avatar 3x08 is a fantastically creepy story and a great place to end my mini-Avatar marathon for the night. The idea it introduced was called a long time ago by [livejournal.com profile] jezebeau, but it's even more disturbing in practice than it ever was in theory. I'm thinking, Ty Lee, maybe? (Probably maybe spoilers to be found in the comments.)

Halloween has been, for the most part, a success. Lots of class time, a few hours spent with Maud, a while with Alex, and a very successful (and satisfying) class presentation, as well as other bits and bobs. The class presentation was an oral storytelling exercise in autobiography and I have never walked away from such a thing feeling so good. The professor said it was "perfect", which is something I have never heard before and will probably never hear again. Spent the day in costume too - unsurprisingly, everyone thought my tenth Doctor costume was either a new look to match the new hair (ps I cut my hair super short), or that I was dressing up for the presentation. I then won at geekery by giving my name as "The Doctor" when I grabbed some dinner at a restaurant. (I'm sorry I missed you, Mitch! I couldn't find a place to get time in, well, time.)

This morning, I found a "Vote Saxon" poster pasted between the words of my housemate's "Bad Wolf" chalk scribbling. I literally tripped over my own feet in my excitement to get back to residence to find a camera. (I am for the win) It would appear that [livejournal.com profile] rainbowfox and I started something with that first batch of chalk drawings.


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