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Con pictures here.

Con report behind the cut ). It's quite long. Be warned. I rambled profusely ^^*

Aren't you all shocked I actually got this done? I certainly am.

I was going to write more, but I'm tired, so we'll leave it at I had an excellent day, despite the lack of Egyptian artifacts. Half of the point of that was to get together with Myriam. Which will simply be done at a later date.

Now I'm going to write a bit and then collapse in exhaustion. I like this plan.

Holy Crap!

Aug. 30th, 2003 09:29 pm
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I wanted to write the subject all in capitals, but it looked too much.

So, yes, I typed "Holy Crap!" for a reason. I just found out today, a full week after attending and participating in the masqurade at CNAnime, that my group was runner-up for best in show. Watch my jaw drop. Hit the floor, in fact. I think I drilled Chris, the Vash the Stampede in our group, a good four times before I finally believed him. I can't believe we were runner up, and that Pris (Meryl) and I missed it! Ack!

Oh well - its amazingly cool either way. *grins like a maniac*
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Awww man... this thing is turning into my real life journal.


So, CN is comming up. Yay convention! CN is a sci-fi/comic/anime convention that takes place every year in Canada, and I go yearly. It's my thing. I'm even cosplaying this year, so I've been sewing like a mad thing. If any of you know Trigun, I'm going as Millie.

Okay, it's time to stop procractinating and go post at Kagetsu (an RP)


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