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Oh fractions, I am so glad I re-learned what you were and how to deal with you. <3 Seriously, you and the crazy mathematical skills you endow are better than a best friend, sometimes. Actually, to all of math: you are pretty rad. I know we haven't gotten along very well in the last seven years (Remember the days I couldn't multiply 4x1? We've been through a lot together!) and I even had to drop OAC Calculus (it made me sad too), but I'm glad we managed to work things out as well as we did. I hope our relationship never deteriorates again.

Yay me!

Nov. 29th, 2003 12:08 am
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Ow. Knees. Knees=pain. Katie dun like this time of year.

So, here's the promised proper entry. I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath ;)

My life has been doing all sorts of fun things. Here's a quick summary.

I fell for a guy. Yeah. He has a girlfriend. I'm getting over it. He's not. It's very interesting, but he still wanders over when he sees me, still all puppy-dog like, if you understand my comparison, and even started invading personal space in a minor way this week. Way to go for him. Mandie (or Sarah?) tells me I should just kiss him, and then he's the one cheating on his girlfriend. However, I'm too nice for that. The idea is vaguely horrifying to me.

Christmas break is comming up, thank god. I'm very tired to homework. Of course, still lots of that do before exams are over, so weeee...

Crappy new members over at SMB, my roleplay group. I'd rant fully here, but this would be... well, not the first time. As far as I'm concerned, they're on probation, but if they decide to leave of their own free will, I will not lament their leaving.

What else... oh, apparently, I'm adorable. In two days, four people told me this. Most of them, not for the first time, but it would seem I'm just too gosh darned cute. (And see, now you're probably thinking it too, because, who uses those words?) At least only half of them patted my head or bopped my nose as they said it. Give me some dignity here folks, I'm not a small animal.

Yeah, school's been busy. Major chunk of my life right now, but not a bad one. Routines have been settled into that are being broken for the next month, but they'll pick up again on me. I'm going to miss my swimming, however, which I did twice a week, and I found this really cool machine at the gym that makes my back stop hurting all the time. I'm going to miss that too.

*ponders* Alright, that's enough out of me, and besides which, I really need to go sleep so that I'll be ready to tackle my assignement on the canadian electoral system. Joy...


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