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Mid-stream reactions to DW 5x03 "Victory of the Daleks"

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Posting at [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon is going on until the 14th in celebration of characters who identify as women (I'm absolutely thrilled that the festivities are explicitly including characters who aren't cisgendered!) There's been a ton of fantastic fan work posted across a huge variety of fandoms, from the tiny and obscure to the big players, but I want to highlight The Unpopular Woman Love Post.

There are some awesome characters popping up – Riley (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Gwen (Torchwood), Gwen (BBC Merlin), Jo Grant (Classic Who), Ellen, Jo, and Bela (Supernatural) Dee, Tory, and Cally (Battlestar Galactica), Weir (Atlantis), Dawn (Buffy)


Go show these under appreciated characters some love already!
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Why hello there!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] aldehyde and [livejournal.com profile] deeplyunhip for your lovely cards! I found them waiting for me when I got in last night. That does mean I'm back in the east, happily settling back into routines. I missed you, eddoes and kolhrabi! (Could not find them on the west coast and it was sad.) I'm currently losing the jet lag battle, but give it a few days; I always have a harder time coming east than going west.

Though it wasn't all on what I should have been working on (ficathon deadline is starting to loom), I wrote some comment fic over the holidays. Riley-centric TSCC fic here, Martha-centric Doctor Who fic here, Torchwood Jack fic here and a little bit of love for Supernatural's Ellen Harvelle.

I'm not entirely happy with the Martha fic in particular; I'm far too wordy and maybe it's formality that I don't like in the tone, but I can't quite put my finger on the problem with it. I like the Jack piece best. I'm so much more comfortable with dialogue!
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Below the cut is the trailer for Doctor Who's fifth series. It's barely a snap shot of what's to come, but the tonal and visual differences are already startling. I'm curious to see what Moffat is going to do with the show.

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I really enjoyed "The End of Time", though I am inclined to have one last laugh at RTD's gender biases and at a scene that, while awesome, felt surreal, like fanfiction on the screen. I know this is all vague but GUH, PACKING.
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I'm watching "The Waters of Mars" (delightful, by the way) and all I can think is This is what happens when records management practices break down.
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Yes you know, I rather quite enjoyed that!

2008 Doctor Who Christmas Special )
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This is a little bit fantastic. I don't watch the new Knight Rider, even if it does have Paul Campbell as a cast member (why would they cut off his adorable curls?), but this came up in [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho and it's definitely A Bit Awesome. I love it when show runners are geeky too.

There was a panhandler on the street attempting an unusual approach today. He called it the "Street Metal Recycling Program", which involved dropping off those round bits of metal in your pockets to the nearest street person to recycle.

Skeazy men on the subway are skeazy. Korean barbeque is amazingly delicious!
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Despite best efforts, it took only about twenty-four hours to hear the latest Doctor Who casting spoiler. Really, I expected to manage to go at least a few days, especially as I've been avoiding the major communities and many of the minor ones as well. I should have known better :P Fandom has never ever been able to keep a secret!
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I continue to adore The Sarah Jane Adventures. Only four more episodes left this season, why, why?

The 'Next Time' trailer. )
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I've had a lot of time in the last few days in which I've been too tired to really wrap my head around words on a page, let alone anything academic, so I've been picking away at the Sailor Moon Live Action series on YouTube. It's... special. And utterly addictive. (Usage is excellent, but Makoto is so my favourite.)

Also, the 2008 Sense and Sensibility isn't all bad, even if watching British television is increasingly turning into a distracting game of "Why does he look so familiar? Which character did he play on Doctor Who?" :P In this edition, we have Mark Gatiss (or Professor Lazarus) as the bumbling John Dashwood and David Morrissey as Colonel Brandon, though he's more familiar for other projects he's done with Tennant. Props to Morrissey, though, for playing a totally different character; I'd look at him sometimes and think, no way that's the fellow who played Ripley Holden.
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I can let myself get really distracted with fandoms politics and criticism of the show (even if it does sometimes deserve it!), but you know, I think these kids and their family have it absolutely right.

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Is anyone willing to do a quick read-through for a Sarah Jane-centric story? It's a bit of silly fun (really silly fun) inspired by a prompt at [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho. I'm aiming to finish most of it off tonight. The piece won't need much from you, just a quick check for grammar, spelling, and maybe tone. (Edit: If you're able to brit-pick, it would be very welcome!) I'm also looking for a super quick turn-around time!
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I keep wanting to say things and reply to posts, but I'm so fatigued. If nothing else, the last few weeks at work have been showing me how tough I am and how tired I can get. It's showing me how far I can push myself and it's far, far beyond what I would have believed. That being said, I'd love a few days in bed!

Spoiler clip for the newest Doctor Who episode. )
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I've been watching Veronica Mars this afternoon. It's just a little bit addicting. EDIT: I lied! There is nothing "a little bit" about it!

And then there was The Poison Sky! )

In conclusion, I am now craving more steampunk!Torchwood.
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Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip fell for a Starship Trooper in 1978. Click here to watch the music video and for mixed sci-fi references.

Tomes and Talismans is a post-apocalyptic library science educational video. No, really. As the YouTube descriptions says: learn all about the Dewey decimal system, card catalogues, and microfiche! And the fate of the Earth, of course. The sound quality is pretty awful at first, but give it a minute or two.

Hey, you guys like fanfiction, right? Fandoms include Doctor Who and its current spin-offs, as well as a Firefly-crossover.
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One of the contestants on today's episode of Jeopardy named is Susan Foreman. Glee!

The Torchwood premiere was pretty good too. Ridiculous in a lot of ways, but that goes with the territory! Spoilers )
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Christmas was really low-key and really excellent this year. I'm hoping for a similar repeat in 2008!

Voyage of the Damned )

I've also finished The Sarah Jane Adventures, which was expectedly excellent (especially "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane" - I think Alan is officially my favourite) and a bunch of First Doctor stories. "The War Machines" wasn't bad (lame character write-out, but Polly and Ben did pretty well for a first go-around and I loved the classic sci-fi theme of 'intelligent computer goes bad', which sounds like a spoiler, but seriously, all you have to do is pay attention and you understand what's coming), "The Daleks" is unexpectedly good, each episode actually being rather satisfying on its own. Susan has delighted and surprised me, all of the companions have. I am pretty much still in love with Barabara and am falling pretty hard for Ian too. "The Keys to Marinus" was a story I'd started some months ago and enjoyed and it didn't let me down all that much on conclusion either. It surprised me in a few pleasant ways.
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I read that certain spoiler, since I figured I'd figured it out anyway (I had) and I enjoy fandom too much to quit it. I'm looking forward to it, since I figure it will be fun even if it's not amazing. And you know, you just *know* that we (the fandom) are going to show up on Fandom Wank at least once before it's all said and done!

My exam went so well today! There has been way too much stress the last few days (so much so that I've taken to paper journaling again, because it's such a good way to purge), but I'm hoping to start knocking off some assignments, which will help a lot.

So many plans, so little time before I go home!
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I was the ginger tenth Doctor last night. One person even asked me where I'd left the TARDIS. I felt a little ashamed that I waited in line to get into pub (partially because it was the campus pub) and quite beyond that, the Doctor would have just snuck in and found an adventure. I kept an eye out for someone dressed even a little bit like one of the companions, but no dice. I'll be revisiting the costume on Halloween proper, so I'll make up for the lack of pictures then.

All around, not a bad showing for the geek contingent at this Halloween pub with an additional two Star Trek costumes, tab-mail and boffering, and a Starbuck (Rebecca, that was incredibly awesome)


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