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Re: Sine Qua Non, this week's episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Glee! )

My brother and I are watching Blade Runner: Edward James Olmos is once again sporting his finest moustache.
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I knew I was back home, but now I know I'm here. I've now had a row with my family and I've gone out and seen my friends. That's about right.
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I had an argument in one of last night's dreams. More specifically, I had an argument with dream-mom about how I shouldn't be going to Ensemble rehearsal today because I am not up for it. Even when I am asleep, my mother is still my conscience!
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Today I saw my family off, burned a whole whack of time, enjoyed Ensemble quite thoroughly and actually managed to make really good use of my leftover spoon or two when I got in to get a bunch of reading done. I'd meant to go on until ten, but my brain stopped working about twenty minutes short of that. So what did I do after that?

I watched some Farscape. )

As soon as I get done with this season (which is the last anyway - only the mini-series to go), I'll be playing catch-up with Heroes.
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Life is crazy.

Aramenta took pretty pictures of me today and seemed a little surprised when I agreed with her that I photograph well (but not always :P) and am beautiful. We made the mistake of taking some shots in direct sunlight; it looks like I am bleeding light out of my face, like in the sci-fi shows. It was kind of neat. I can't wait to see her top five pic(k)s. (Ha! Pun!)

My mother and grandmother arrive for a short stay tommorow. I don't know exactly how long they'll be here, but probably no longer than a few days. It will be nice to have some company in the apartment! At the same time, I am almost dreading it. There is still a very strong sense of "Mine!" about this city and this part of my life.

I don't get to roleplay this week, but we had a really good session last Sunday (Blood sacrifice for the win!) and Mitch and I may finally settle the score on Agility vs Brute Force by pitting his Sidereal against my Lunar. He'll be hard as all hell to catch or hit, but I'm built to take punishment and keep steamrolling on. If I can get him in a clinch, the game is mine, but getting him into the clinch is the hard part. The characters have sparred before, but it was a charm-free exercise. We'd be going full-out, this time. Mitchell has the added advantage of being better at roleplay fighting. (I admit it, I would really, really hate to lose this fight.)


Dec. 25th, 2006 12:34 pm
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I have just received what may be the comfiest pair of pyjamas I have ever owned. And I have owned some really, really comfy pyjamas. I might have to have a sleepover just so I can abuse their touchability in order to be cuddled.

My gifts were largely practical in nature and I'm glad to see them. I think Bob was the only one to get any significant number of fun gifts; he's also the only one of the kids still living at home. Items of interest include:

Space saver! )

My grandmother also let me ransack her collection of scarves... yes... pretties...

It's about that time of year when I think about going clothes shopping again. I could make do a while longer, but it might be nice to have a pair of pants that actually fit! I also need preppy!jeans for work on set; I do not currently own an acceptable pair. I'm not sure if I'll have time while I'm in Victoria (we are headed up-island tommorow for a few days to ski), though Wren has offered quite enthusiastically to take me.
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Here's hoping we don't lose power overnight!

Here's hoping I don't have a panic attack like last time if we do!

I had a call from Agent Sputnik today. The contact - my grandmother- arrived at the rendez-vous - our house - safely. How reassuring!

Merry Christmas, folks!
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I'm a little french fy, short and stout.
Mmmm mmm mmmm mmmm mmmm.
What's this song about?

Andrew is here! Yay for Andrew!

A letter.

Dec. 15th, 2006 02:16 pm
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Father dearest -

I understand the siren-song lure of the Temeraire books (in this case, Throne of Jade), I really do. But it was lent to me and I would rather like to read it first and to not have to chase you down just to find it every time I want to read it. I won't take me all that long. Believe me.

Your loving daughter,
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I sat down to brainstorm character concepts and came out with two longer-term characters and a fabulously extravagant one-shot. So maybe I'll show up at LARP after all. It's nothing earth-shattering, just something fun for me to play with. It'll take some research I haven't done yet to sort out fully.

In other news, I'm a little jet-lagged and I'm working tonight and tommorow morning. It will be nice to earn some money, honey! I also saw my grandmother, who is just that bit crazier. But boy was it entertaining when she noticed that her beer came from a glacier, because that clearly explained why it was too cold.
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Last night was quite a bit of fun, even if it got off to an awkward start. Becky's having a rough go of things right now and despite extreme frustration, hell, some anger, she's coping alright. If she weren't so fiesty she could just lie down and let her pack dictate her life to her and she'd be having a much easier go of it... bless her for having some nerve! It's really a lot of fun to roleplay her outbursts and she had a smashing one at the end of game. It's so very interesting to watch who she is becoming - last night's rant turned into a kind of manifesto - and even more so to trace how she got there. I love playing characters like this. Becky is rapidly climbing her way up near Ember of Star's Flame for favourite character ever. Or perhaps I should say most satisfying.

As for me, I've had a good weekend, full of fun socialising activities and time with my family. It's nice to be reunited, on the whole. It is also amusing to see how happy it makes the dog! I am really slacking off on the exercise department now that I am no longer going up to the university; I'll have to come up with a plan to fix that because my body is going to be so unhappy if I stop altogether. Star Trek Board Games Night looks like it's a go for Thursday, which is fantastic news. That one's been in the works for a few months now.
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My family (sans [livejournal.com profile] cowabungaflip_ and [livejournal.com profile] hamzakhiroun) are home, I am ploughing though that long list of books (Runaways and Screwtape are both done, with a solid dent made into Female Chauvinist Pigs, which I often find myself unwilling to put down) and getting back to work tommorow and over the next week. With my family back home, the end of summer feels even closer. I know I keep rehashing that theme - maybe because the end of the season is going to bring about such displacement, which I at once anticipate and dread.

Though the local Storyteller's Guild does not meet in the summer, a former storytelling classmate, Peg, has invited me to their summer picnic. I'm really quite pleased with the idea, because the more I do now, the more likely I am follow up on this. This may result in missing game on the thirteenth, as the picnic runs from something like four to seven. Once lingering and travel time is factored in, I may not make it back in time. Still, should be worth it!

I'm told the storytelling community is full of older ladies and gentlemen. Said classmate (I'd PEG her as in early forties - sorry for the pun!) says she is very definitely on the younger end of the spectrum, so imagine where a twenty-one year old fits in! Still, I've always gotten along far better with my elders than my peers (teacher's pet, teacher's pet), so I am not worried about feeling alienated.
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I go back to my apartment in TWO DAYS. The last three weeks have flown by, but by and large, I had a lot of fun. It's been so great to see everyone again and to have my family in one place. I'll be headed out on one last big social jaunt tonight, to friend Calista's New Year's party and then I'll probably steal a bit of [livejournal.com profile] jezebeau's time tommorow, as Monday promises to be chaotic and emotional as I get ready to fly out of here.

Last night's jazz thing went off well and people stayed off the topic of gaming (which my brother, who was with us, has no real interest in) remarkably well after the first hour or so. Spontaneous music has been promised for tonight's event, so both Andrew and I are excited for that. Now if only we could figure a way to get the piano into Calista's apartment...

Anyway, making excellent excellent progress on Othello and very poor progress on my essay. I figure I'll get the play done and out of the way and then I can concentrate on the essay portion. It's a little daunting, as one of the resource books that I needed, I left in the apartment! Oops! I have Tuesday and Wednesday to work on it too though, but I musn't rely on those days too much as I will be a) jet-lagged and b) I have shopping plans (I really need the clothes ;_;) and class. The printer here is still lacking in the ink department, so I'll have to fork out the money and pay to print the forms I need in the school computer labs. I am sooooo going to get on the ball for summer courses this year! When enrollement opens up mid-March, I will be right there, registering for courses.
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I found the end of the world today. It was awesome. Someone had even placed a handy dandy fence around the edge so no one would fall! I took pictures, which I will upload some weeks further down the line when I finish the roll and remember to develop it. (Oh and by the end of the world, I mean we drove up the tallest mountain on Salt Springs Island to see the view, but we were smack dab on the middle of a cloud, so you had a few feet of visibility before it turned into a solid wall of white. It was amazing.)

Officially stamped Gryffinpuff at [livejournal.com profile] fourhouseunion. I am not surprised in the slightest. I got one Ravendor vote and a few comments that I would be happy in that house or Ravenpuff as well (Julia even wanted to steal me ^^), in fact, someone said I could do well in all the houses, which was a little baffling, I admit. But a very happy Gryffinpuff I am!
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I am freaking tired today. It's like a train wreck. And I taught school kids on this little sleep! No wonder Mondays were often so unproductive after I got home. I've been pretty low to begin with to boot. Oh well!

I am burning time finish my application for [livejournal.com profile] fourhouseunion. I am having trouble explaining why my parents have been the people to shape me most, even if it is true. I can't think of any other influence so strong as they. The rest just needs to be polished a bit. It's taken me a veeeery long time to get this app filled out ^^* Go me. I figure there are three houses where I could be sorted, though I have a pretty good idea of where I'll end. Sorry to be cryptic, but I hate talking about it before I'm sorted. I feel like I'll jinx it! (In short, it's a Harry Potter stamping community, only it works on the premise that each person is as blend of two houses. Thus, six houses exist - Gryffinpuff, Gryffinclaw, Slytherdor, Slytherpuff, Slytherclaw and Ravenpuff.)

We're going to pick up Andrew at the airport so soon! Glee!
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I saw what might have been a star tonight. It was probably some sort of plane, but I still wished on it. All this spring weather is infectious and I am acting as childish as ever. I was skipping as I was taking out the garbage. You heard me right. Skipping.

I was officially sorted into Hufflepuff over at [livejournal.com profile] sorting_elite this morning. I feel the badger in me.

Hamza came over tonight and treated me to dinner and good company. It was nice to see him and to just talk and chillax. I also did all the schoolwork I set out to do today. Score one for Katie and another for Mitchell's pink and white calendar present. Did I mention that yesterday was an amazing roleplaying session? Because it really was. On par with the session that I journalized probably, say, mid-March last year. With no "OMGBOYILIKEJUSTTOOKTHESUBWAYWITHME" rush. I think the best sessions are the ones I almost die in. Seriously, it's the trend. Man, we really did almost die yesterday, and since this is my journal, I am allowed to comment that I did some seriously cool shit. I love being an assassin. It means I get to do cool things like have the party decide on who is going to die, turn around, whip out my bow and arrow, and do it subtly enough that the arrow is killing the target before anyone realizes what I've done. It also pays to have Gods (even minor ones) owe you favours: without that, we would have been so screwed. And not in a good way. We also saw character development for Ember. Ooo.... ahhhh.... so shiny. Her nature has changed and it isn't going back, damnit!

I swam thirty lengths in the pool today, third time out I've done that. I think I have not been pushing myself enough this year exercise-wise (when I actually did it), but on the other hand, I am always low in the winter, so perhaps that was enough. Who knows. My joints are feeling all loose and discombobulated, but in a good way: is this what it feels like to have "normal" joints? I wonder. My view of what a healthy person can do and feels like it so skewed that I no longer know. But that's okay. I have enough to sort out with this body of mine. It might be pretty, but damned if it doesn't work oddly.
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Home tommorow. I lied Andrew. I won't be in until way later - I thought I'd factored in the time differencial, but I lied. Put me at the house closer to ten or eleven.

In other news, Chris, I hope your internet connection died or you have somesuch other good excuse for ditching me, you probably do, but I will be fittingly suspicious until you fill me in. Because of course, I will be online all day tommorow.

It will be nice to be back in my familiar city and to see my friends, though I will miss - to a certain extent, don't go getting any ideas - the nice weather. At least I can show off my new scarf! Also, I am going to follow Misha's example and go back on my own diet. So much healthier when I'm actually on it.

This post has turned into random babling. Goodnight all.
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Anyone who wants to send Lauren hugs should let me know before about three pm tommorow, your time. I will deliver them in person at about five o'clock your time. Or maybe less, seeing how everything out here seems to be "just down the street" :P

I've been sad about my flist all day, because everyone seems to so that it's Valentine's Day, as most of my flist seems to be single. And it got me thinking. I've never been in a relationship for said day, but this is my first one after having been a part of a couple and I'll admit, that "bitter" part in the "Bitter Single's Society" makes a little more sense now, especially seeing all the couples at the restaurant for dinner. But I was raised to have fun with this day no matter what. Romantic love is wonderful, yes, but it is only one kind of love. You can still celebrate family and friends (which sounds as cheesy as all get out): though admittedly, this route is a little more expensive if you do the consumer thing.

I think I'm just really wierd.

And, finally, even though most of my flist is actually onto the fifteenth of the month, a Valentine's Meme )
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My plane out West is on Sunday, and while it is a little sad to know I am now going out alone, I think it will do me a world of good to get away from everything for a little while (even though some of my school books are coming with me :P). It will be wonderful to spend time with my parents, little brother and to curl up with my dog.

All I have to say, though, is that it had better snow on Mount Washington before I get there! I want to ski, damnit!


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