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Trevor: Man, there are good reasons nobody uses Internet Explorer.

This was also the conversation which spawned the line "Will DM for food."

Innovative, but possibly difficult to reach such a niche market.
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Star Trek, heck yeah! I could say more, but that about sums it up.

So we're playing Dungeons and Dragons yesterday and we finally find the lizard folk shaman in a dungeon. Epic battle commences! About when he gets bloodied, he decides that we are "worthy of seeing his true form" and hell yes, he turns into a green dragon. I have also learned that dragons are actually clever enough to try and run away when they are likely to be killed; I have also learned that the idea of it is so unsatisfactory that I would almost rather lose my character. We actually did lose our halfling in the battle (that breathing poison thing is REALLY EFFECTIVE) and nearly lost two others - the Warlord spent about half the battle rolling to stabilize.

But now, oh now, I can honestly say I have fought a dragon in a dungeon. In character, anyway.
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My character has some serious anger management issues and I finally got to bring them to the fore tonight. Even under-playing the aggression (it is hard for me to do!), I still got some interesting results out of it. It's also nice to know that I'm capable of playing such strong emotions and that I'm able to shake them off when game is called. That was a problem, with my last larp character. We had a Nos party too. With our own little slogan! "Spend blood for Vigor." Oh Nos, how I am coming to love you.

I have not seen "Silence in the Library" yet, woe! I went to an oral storytelling workshop instead. (So. Brilliant.) There is a post brewing the back of my head about that. Maybe tomorrow.
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I had a bit of a meltdown before game today. It wasn't particularly pretty, but it wasn't an awful one either and while working through it, I avoided a hell of a lot of potential physical pain. (Pain flares bad...) I have pretty much come to the conclusion (again) that trees are the most comforting thing on this planet and possibly others. I've been super stressed out for weeks and I'd had no idea why; I'd forgotten how stressful it is simply to be ill.

I also decided to stop playing Felicia! I don't have the energy to play someone young and perky and attentive and I can't even pretend to play mental games when the brain fog has taken over (and these days, by evening, that's almost a guarantee). After my extended walk about campus, I sat down and spent the rest of the game in character generation. I will now be playing the Widow Hainsworth, who is both more sedate and rather stupid, which gives me an excuse on the nights the fatigue turns my brain off. (If When the fatigue improves, I may invest some experience into bumping that stat up just a bit.) I conferred with Roman on how I might possibly make her punches do lethal damage, but as it turns out, I'd need to split my pool between Brawl and Weaponry. So I'll stick to bashing. Hainsworth is both Nosfetaru (her skin is more or less detached from the underlying tissues) and Ordo Dracul and I have a whole lot of backstory to write up. Hooray!

Did anyone else see the new Torchwood? I found it all a bit lack-luster except Owen, who was A+.
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Canadian Native Autobiography continues to be made of awesome. Maud is right, we need to form a storytelling circle.

No dungeons, but we do have a half-dragon. )
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I bought a wig today. It is sort of in the style of The Beatles and it is black.

I worried that it might be too feminine, but the fact that it's disconcerting as all hell to look at me when I'm wearing it is a great sign that it's sending on the gender signals I want it to. Yeeeeeeeeees. I probably won't be larping for a few weeks yet, but call this incentive to work harder. The rest of the costume will be important, but I am glad I decided to go purchase a wig instead of simply tying back my hair. Now I just need a pair of men's (boy's?) dress shoes, dress pants, a dress shirt, and some eyeliner. And something to bind my breasts.

For those of you were are newer to my friends list, I participate in a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP in the summer months. Costuming is one of my favourite parts of the game.

I also need to nail down some details about the backstory and exactly how I am going to de-uselessfy Damian. [livejournal.com profile] theclevermonkey had some fantastic suggestions, I am just not sure I can convincingly roleplay the best one. I must also practice various other gender indicators - I cannot smile so much when I am in character!


Mar. 18th, 2007 11:30 pm
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Gaming tonight:

In which we try to convince our small town that we can be trusted, even though we're Anathema and the town has been partly trashed because of it. We also want to convince them to pick up and move two days travel into the Wyld to a pocket of creation. We hope they will be safer there. Our river god, Haku, who is partially to blame for this whole fiasco (our insatiable desire for artifacts may also be to blame), was actually helpful and agreed to help us out. Mid-efforts, I got pulled into what is, at best guess, a tree spirit's domain and the rest of the party quickly followed.

Switching over to the high powered game, we did the introductions bit and set out some ideas about how we wanted to run our school for new Solars (and any other Exalt who comes along and wants training/redeeming). Not a lot of excitement to recap, but a solid start. We plan to loot Deninsor sooner or later.
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... but I didn't shoot the warped spirit living in his body.

That was Michael.

Gaming was awesome yesterday and despite the fact that I asked them not to, no one used double-negatives. (Yes, that is the wording I was looking for.) For the first time in a while, I felt like I was actually roleplaying properly and not just reacting belatedly in a tired fashion.

We are finally finished with ethnography, the bane of my Critical Sexualities existence! I know it will be back to haunt me on the exam (we did spend three weeks on the unit), but until mid-March, I am so done! Ha!
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Life is crazy.

Aramenta took pretty pictures of me today and seemed a little surprised when I agreed with her that I photograph well (but not always :P) and am beautiful. We made the mistake of taking some shots in direct sunlight; it looks like I am bleeding light out of my face, like in the sci-fi shows. It was kind of neat. I can't wait to see her top five pic(k)s. (Ha! Pun!)

My mother and grandmother arrive for a short stay tommorow. I don't know exactly how long they'll be here, but probably no longer than a few days. It will be nice to have some company in the apartment! At the same time, I am almost dreading it. There is still a very strong sense of "Mine!" about this city and this part of my life.

I don't get to roleplay this week, but we had a really good session last Sunday (Blood sacrifice for the win!) and Mitch and I may finally settle the score on Agility vs Brute Force by pitting his Sidereal against my Lunar. He'll be hard as all hell to catch or hit, but I'm built to take punishment and keep steamrolling on. If I can get him in a clinch, the game is mine, but getting him into the clinch is the hard part. The characters have sparred before, but it was a charm-free exercise. We'd be going full-out, this time. Mitchell has the added advantage of being better at roleplay fighting. (I admit it, I would really, really hate to lose this fight.)
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Exploding (re-rolling) two zeros into two zeros into two zeros into a nine and a zero was fun. Ten success on three dice and all that. I like Mage. Even if I did go over ten paradox (naughty, naughty). I love Exalted's charms, but there's a real appeal in being able to do anything you can explain away. Um... more, perhaps, after I've napped.

Edit (5pm): Wow crashed. I begged out of work for the day, but I'm still working the party tonight. At least I will be well fed and watered there! (I am not working the whole night, just the first few hours.) I'll just keep raking in these hours so long as my body can take it, as it's back to the phones tommorow too! Mage exacerbated things, but this crash was coming sooner rather than later anyway, so it's no harm done and I am not sorry in the slightest to have gone.

I'm about two-thirds of the way into "Throne of Jade". (It's probably the reason I'm using so many big words.) Volley's grown on me, but I am still not overfond of him. I am also trying very hard not to think of Hammond as some annoying sycophant (because he's not the latter, at least), but it's very hard when I am so very much on Lawrence and Temeraire's side. Basically, I am enjoying it fantastically and I've got post-its in the book marking off fantastic little passages I want to quote out.

And now, I shall go get all prettied up and ready to go play hostess. Ta da!


Dec. 15th, 2006 12:59 am
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44 hours of work now? Something like that. I have it all recorded in a notebook.

I am mostly ready for the one-shot tommorow, though I really should finish spending my experience points. I know where they are going (backgrounds and spheres!), so it's just a matter of making sure I have all the costs right. I'll do that once I'm done here.

I've settled (more or less) settled on a name and I've found some books to read as research for this summer's larp character. I seem to be pretty settled, though again, four and a half months until I actually put it into practice. This time last year I still thought I'd be playing Natalie. Still, this concept unites a whole bunch of things I find really neat. It will also be hot, yo.

And now, I'll go poke my nose back into Throne of Jade, because the adventures of the dragon Temeraire are so very, very endearing.
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I sat down to brainstorm character concepts and came out with two longer-term characters and a fabulously extravagant one-shot. So maybe I'll show up at LARP after all. It's nothing earth-shattering, just something fun for me to play with. It'll take some research I haven't done yet to sort out fully.

In other news, I'm a little jet-lagged and I'm working tonight and tommorow morning. It will be nice to earn some money, honey! I also saw my grandmother, who is just that bit crazier. But boy was it entertaining when she noticed that her beer came from a glacier, because that clearly explained why it was too cold.
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1) Make a list of 15 characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment. (That way you're not leading the questions asked to fit the characters.)

2) Ask your flist to post questions in the comments.

For example:

"4, 6, 12 & 15 are starting a band together, what is their name and what kind of music do they play? Also, who's the lead singer, and what instruments do the others play?"

3) After your flist has asked enough questions (I'll go for at least ten, and everyone can ask more than one), round them up and answer them using the 15 characters you selected beforehand, and then post them.

...only better make it 1 through 12. I could scrape up 15 characters, but I can't remember all their names and some are from a veeeeery long time ago and I would rather not talk about them if I did not have to :P

ps A little bird is telling me that the characters at the top of the list would be recognizable to LARP-goers, while the rest is more familiar to those of you I've rolled dice with. (And this is how we roll)
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This week's deus ex brought to you by: [livejournal.com profile] ecchs

The three party members who went diving into what turned out the be the Labyrinth all came out alive! (Though Mitch had to knock Ben unconscious too do it.) Instead of rejoicing at the fact that they came out alive, we all proceeded to bicker. And bicker and bicker. We don't so much have party unity as party distrust.

King and I had an aside conversation. We both ended up rolling our limit breaks over it.

There are good odds that King and I will break next session. Roleplaying limit break is FUN and it's been quite some time.

...end of term stress not-withstanding, I feel happier. Had I been a mischevious child, I'd say that that was what was slowly creeping back into me. (I think I am getting healthier.)
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Choose twelve of your original characters in any particular order. (NO PEEKING AT THE QUESTIONS AT THIS STAGE!) Then, answer the questions that follow.

1) Trian (Guild member who was secretly out for reform, Zenith Caste)
2) Earith Moden (A low morals sorceress/ambassador, Eclipse Caste)
3) Ember of Star's Flame (Half-ghost assassin who didn't understand the "human" thing)
4) Ledaal Adaris (DragonBlooded recluse who eventually joined forces with a Solar circle, Air Aspected)
5) Oddett Mireeya (Young Sidereal who delighted in playing the Sidereal games, Chosen of Venus)
6) Becky "Brujah" Larsen (A preppy teenager struggling to deal with the vampire world, Caitiff)
7) Elli (Suffered from a bad case of writer's block and hopelessness before eventually commiting suicide, Malkavian)
8) Nellens Prola (No self-confidence Thaulmaturge, Wood Aspected)
9) Lost Emerald (Paragon barbarian tank, Full Moon Caste)
10) Tora Elalor (Bitter performer, Zenith Caste)
11) Telar Astil (Dutiful hamlet guard, Dawn Caste)
12) Iseulth (Better known as Issy, rebellious daughter with a druid for a mother and at least three possible fathers, Wizard/Ranger/Elemental Savant)

Those crazy kids. )
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I rented the sequel to the Dungeons and Dragons movie last night (The Elemental Might) and watched it through last night. It is not the best movie I have ever seen, but was still quite enjoyable. I don't know a whole lot about the lore of DnD (having only played very little of it), so a lot of references went right over of my head, but I loved that the barbarian ended up ahead of the rest of the party while they were beating a hasty retreat. This is a way better adaptation of the game to movie format!

I've got it on again this morning, this time with commentary turned on. I was quite amused to find that they found some players of the game and had them do the commentary in character. It's not amazing (more novel than anything else) and hooo boy are these characters stereotypes of their classes (the pompous cleric, the snarky rogue, the stupid axe-wielding barbarian), but it's fun all the same.

Also, the litch is hilarious. I was also amused that when they gathered the five heroes and started naming the things they represented, that it was the attribute that would be highest for them; the wizard for intelligence, the barbarian for strength, etc. And lots of barbarian rage! The movie managed to make use of the usually extraneous d12 :P The use of the wizard's familiar was pretty much perfect as well.

All in all, it's a pretty solid movie. They really seemed to put in an effort to hold true to the source material and they handled the development and pacing of the plot pretty well. The character death failed to get me crying (in fact, I didn't even really feel all that badly), but I did like that the obligatory romantic subplot displayed some degree of creativity and presented us with a pre-existing married couple. I quite intend to see what bonus features on the disk when you put it into a computer (as the extras screen suggests you should).
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I built a third solar, a Dawn Caste this time. Not so much smashy smashy as "Look at me! I'm fast and I ignore penalties to my defense!". She is also half Zenith, what with such high Resistance and Survival. It should be good!

I'm still having trouble adapting to second ed. I keep forgetting exactly how to use the new abilities and wrapping my head around Intimacies is giving me a run for my money. I miss the old nature system, but I can see the advantages to this one. Social combat stats are useful and seem to really cut back on the endless die rolling, but it still feels a little disorienting. Give me a few sessions. Just give me a few sessions and a lot of redundant questions posed to my fellow players. I always ask redundant questions. You gotta repeat stuff to me over and over again before I learn anything. I must say, though, I find the charms section much neater with all the die adders, auto-successes and all of that safely tucked away with the Excellencies.

We very briefly started Misha's chronicle, which consisted of Hugh's Aja being sneaky (and quite good at it too, but the plot arc demanded that even charm use could not completely overrule it all), cryptic letters ("Why are you here?" indeed!), Mitchell flirting with my character (apparently, we're picking up where we left off with the DragonBlooded game), some Realm-affiliated troups bursting into the bar we were all at (Five Solars walk into a bar...) and a dog look-alike lighting up auras around us all with a single howl. This wasn't a problem for most of the patrons, but the five of us started glowing gold. Hello, we're Anathema, how are you? Misha apologized to be railroading us, but I have faith in him to lead it to an interesting place.
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Neat! Hugh Laurie (House) has a British accent! He's like James Marsters in reverse.
Since it turned out we had three Night Castes for [livejournal.com profile] ecchs's game, I found myself a new concept and I'm playing a Zenith Caste instead. The short description is that Alisa was a popular bard-type in The Realm, who was eventually seduced by a DragonBlooded Dynast. Unfortunately, it was the wrong DragonBlood to sleep with and Alisa had to leave really quickly, matters further complicated by the fact that she Exalted. Thankfully, the Wyld Hunt is not on her tail. She's been in Gem a few months, rebuilding her career. She's even picked up a few followers! Hooray for lackeys! I'm excited to see where this concept leads as the game goes. I don't know that I've ever played a socials primary before.
My last first class today! Yesterday was "Intro to Critical Sexualities" and looks like it will be really, really interesting and occasionally challenging. The professor's aim is to push at our boundaries (I don't think I've ever been asked, let alone permitted to yell words like "fucking" and "cock" by a professor before) and she asked a lot of interesting questions, like "How do you define sexuality?". Which is a lot harder than we all thought it would be.
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Last night was quite a bit of fun, even if it got off to an awkward start. Becky's having a rough go of things right now and despite extreme frustration, hell, some anger, she's coping alright. If she weren't so fiesty she could just lie down and let her pack dictate her life to her and she'd be having a much easier go of it... bless her for having some nerve! It's really a lot of fun to roleplay her outbursts and she had a smashing one at the end of game. It's so very interesting to watch who she is becoming - last night's rant turned into a kind of manifesto - and even more so to trace how she got there. I love playing characters like this. Becky is rapidly climbing her way up near Ember of Star's Flame for favourite character ever. Or perhaps I should say most satisfying.

As for me, I've had a good weekend, full of fun socialising activities and time with my family. It's nice to be reunited, on the whole. It is also amusing to see how happy it makes the dog! I am really slacking off on the exercise department now that I am no longer going up to the university; I'll have to come up with a plan to fix that because my body is going to be so unhappy if I stop altogether. Star Trek Board Games Night looks like it's a go for Thursday, which is fantastic news. That one's been in the works for a few months now.


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