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Holy shit guys.

I just submitted the last of the work for my BA.

Now to decorate for the holidays and enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of victory belated birthday cake with my family!
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I have gone through yet another AC adapter power cord. That's the third one since August.

I have a short journal entry, a five page lit essay and about 750 words for a take-home exam left to complete. It's getting to be a bit of a time crunch, since I'd like to be done by Monday night, but so long as I can get it in gear today I should be fine. Must remember to carve out time for Lord of the Rings watching with Grace and Robert! I am going out caroling tomorrow as a last GME hurrah!
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(That is the echo of a very stressful day.)
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It's strange to be around people this time of year. For the last two years I have spent all of my end-of-terms locked up in my apartment, going days without actually seeing anyone I know. This time out, I am watching in front row seats as we all fray at the seams trying to meet our deadlines and cram for exams. If you didn't know we were are all so tired and stressed, you'd think we were mad at each other and being very passive-aggressive about it.
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I read that certain spoiler, since I figured I'd figured it out anyway (I had) and I enjoy fandom too much to quit it. I'm looking forward to it, since I figure it will be fun even if it's not amazing. And you know, you just *know* that we (the fandom) are going to show up on Fandom Wank at least once before it's all said and done!

My exam went so well today! There has been way too much stress the last few days (so much so that I've taken to paper journaling again, because it's such a good way to purge), but I'm hoping to start knocking off some assignments, which will help a lot.

So many plans, so little time before I go home!
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Canadian Native Autobiography continues to be made of awesome. Maud is right, we need to form a storytelling circle.

No dungeons, but we do have a half-dragon. )
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Avatar 3x08 is a fantastically creepy story and a great place to end my mini-Avatar marathon for the night. The idea it introduced was called a long time ago by [livejournal.com profile] jezebeau, but it's even more disturbing in practice than it ever was in theory. I'm thinking, Ty Lee, maybe? (Probably maybe spoilers to be found in the comments.)

Halloween has been, for the most part, a success. Lots of class time, a few hours spent with Maud, a while with Alex, and a very successful (and satisfying) class presentation, as well as other bits and bobs. The class presentation was an oral storytelling exercise in autobiography and I have never walked away from such a thing feeling so good. The professor said it was "perfect", which is something I have never heard before and will probably never hear again. Spent the day in costume too - unsurprisingly, everyone thought my tenth Doctor costume was either a new look to match the new hair (ps I cut my hair super short), or that I was dressing up for the presentation. I then won at geekery by giving my name as "The Doctor" when I grabbed some dinner at a restaurant. (I'm sorry I missed you, Mitch! I couldn't find a place to get time in, well, time.)

This morning, I found a "Vote Saxon" poster pasted between the words of my housemate's "Bad Wolf" chalk scribbling. I literally tripped over my own feet in my excitement to get back to residence to find a camera. (I am for the win) It would appear that [livejournal.com profile] rainbowfox and I started something with that first batch of chalk drawings.
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I was the ginger tenth Doctor last night. One person even asked me where I'd left the TARDIS. I felt a little ashamed that I waited in line to get into pub (partially because it was the campus pub) and quite beyond that, the Doctor would have just snuck in and found an adventure. I kept an eye out for someone dressed even a little bit like one of the companions, but no dice. I'll be revisiting the costume on Halloween proper, so I'll make up for the lack of pictures then.

All around, not a bad showing for the geek contingent at this Halloween pub with an additional two Star Trek costumes, tab-mail and boffering, and a Starbuck (Rebecca, that was incredibly awesome)
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The whiteboard on my door now notes that I am "Out of spoons :( "

I don't really expect anyone to get it, but it's nice to express my frustration about the situation anyway.

I need to figure out how to relax in residence, or I am going to crash and burn in a more lasting and painful way before I can even get to October.
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Look who just finished the last of her outstanding coursework.
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In less than twenty-four hours, my exam will be written, all of the completed reading sheets handed and I will as good as caught up in this frelling course! Even disregarding the implications that has on things like my social life, that is fantastic, amazing news. I am going to feel awful in that exam, but it will be DONE. I don't think I have ever looked forward to an exam this much.
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I think I would like to start commiting half an hour to an hour of each day to writing. This may be difficult, however, as my life is currently devoted to catching up at summer school (with that last opera paper floating around at the back of my head) and to reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Which is actually sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes genius. I also sometimes wish that Toph had a different name.

It's nice to finally *want* to write again. I hope the impulse sticks around.

I had to go pick up some supplies for my project last week and hapily, Joyee was working that day. Then, earlier this week, I ran into Peter while out with the dog. I'd have walked right past him, so I'm glad he recognized and called out to me! Both encounters were brief, but they were still quite nice. Friends for the win! Especially when they come with hugs and smiles!
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You know the latest end of term meltdown is winding down when you start censoring all the negative bits out of conversation (even if it means that you effectively stop talking).
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I'm so close to the end of this essay... and all I can think is that I really, really want to re-write it. Oh well! It'll be done tommorow by five and that's that. Because OMG ENOUGH ALREADY. I have so much else to do. I used some of the tips you guys provided, so what I hand in should be about six and a half to seven pages, which was the absolute minimum I was hoping for.

Kevin has cut one of my Freezer stories. That's alright, as I was stressing about having to perfect the two of them. I look forward to Fridge, even as I dread it!

I got a V.I.P. (Very Involved Person) Award at the GME supper tonight! I wasn't expecting anything (all I do is show up and sing) and I'm not even graduating, but there they went and called my name after saying a lot of really nice things. The award itself is "For continued dedication, cheerfulness, and a contagious smile." All of us who have been around for four years or more (I believe Vicki and Margaret would use the term "Lifers") got a little something. The whole thing is a little cheesy, but sue me, I like a little bit of cheesy. It made me smile even more, which seemed appropriate. We sang an awful lot tonight and that was wonderful.
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I continue to simultaneously admire and loathe Professor Bérubé's exam and essay questions.
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I had a hard time training yesterday. Running made me lightheaded (so I refrained from doing it after the first half hour) and the pad drills hurt to do. I have a sneaky feeling that was the stress (that turned into a small scale meltdown today) taking its toll. I need to get more pro-active about mangaging that! I should know how crippling it can be by now. All the same, training was really good and we did a good solid review of the upper-body line drills, round-house kick defenses (underhook and knee-to-elbow are awkward and need to be practiced) and those familiar pad drills.

This time of year, "balance" is always more theory and less practice.

Today was a wash. I am letting this class get to me way too much. I lost just about all will to work after this afternoon's episode; I wasn't even asking "Should I work or do (insert time waster)?". I just didn't. My emotional energy levels are through the floor, but hopefully the day off and a good night's sleep will help. I'll try and come at all of this work with a better attitude in the morning.
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Dear deadline.

I'm not meeting you tommorow.

So sorry.

Can we try to meet up again sometime? Maybe March 9th or 20th, or both? That'd be swell.

Dear professor.

I acknowledge I was a fool to take a class with you again, after all of last year's headaches. I felt I didn't really a have choice, but really, it probably would have been wisest to stay as far away from you as possible. However, it's too late to turn back now! So we'll have another teeth-pulling, stress-inducing "Floating deadlines mean I hand it in when I'm good and ready." talk. Because your class isn't worth another all-nighter. So uh... yeah. Looking forward to another sparring match in my awkward french.
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I just got in from my romantic Valentine's Day date. We ate far too much (or was it just enough?) food. Either way, it was a fantastic time. Not only was she my Harry Potter Hardcore Valentine, she took me out to dinner today. Heart, Rebecca!

I think I meant to be working on a paper due tommorow right now, but I can't quite focus on writing a LiveJournal post, which is a terrible sign for anything more complex. I guess I will be putting my take-home exam into floating deadline limbo. However, the deal will be that the first draft will be donezo before Wednesday night, or I can't go to Geek Night. And believe me, I am going to Geek Night this week.
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To those of you who care... Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs and kisses!

To those of you who don't... Happy Wednesday! (Hugs and kisses you to you too!)

... is it already Wednesday? Do I really leave in three days? Have I really done so little homework? Aaaaaaaah!

It seems to be a climate of snowy doom back east. While I'm looking forward to all that snow to play in when I get back, I'm just as happy to avoid travelling the city when it's coming down. I'll take my west coast spring! No cherry blossoms yet this year, but the crocuses and other flowers are all getting ready to bloom. (Those of you back east do not want to know the kind of temperatures I am enjoying.)
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... but I didn't shoot the warped spirit living in his body.

That was Michael.

Gaming was awesome yesterday and despite the fact that I asked them not to, no one used double-negatives. (Yes, that is the wording I was looking for.) For the first time in a while, I felt like I was actually roleplaying properly and not just reacting belatedly in a tired fashion.

We are finally finished with ethnography, the bane of my Critical Sexualities existence! I know it will be back to haunt me on the exam (we did spend three weeks on the unit), but until mid-March, I am so done! Ha!


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