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That was noise was thunder and that flash was lightning.

It's been a wet and rainy day in the city and I haven't been nearly as productive as I wanted to be, but that? Makes everything better in its own way. I'll keep stressing, but it's nice to be reminded that there's a whole world out there beyond class and papers and my looming exam. Ah, perspective.

Okay guys, so I am really in love with this new format called "podcast". Where have you been all my life, bb? Moar CBC footage and Savage Lovecasts!
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Let's start off the new year with some bad puns, shall we? They will be absolutely terrible, I promise.

*When ceiling fans were invented, they were considered revolutionary.

*They want schools to ban books filled with sin. There goes my trigonometry textbook.

*The shop assistant asked whether I wanted it measured in Pounds or Kilos, so I just told him that either weigh would do.

*Miners who wear flashlights on their helmets often feel lightheaded.

*Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused his dentist's Novocain during root canal work?
He wanted to transcend dental medication.

Have a happy (and sometimes silly) 2008 everyone!
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Now that was a proper rain storm!

Less than five minutes out there and I was soaked through.
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I'm so close to the end of this essay... and all I can think is that I really, really want to re-write it. Oh well! It'll be done tommorow by five and that's that. Because OMG ENOUGH ALREADY. I have so much else to do. I used some of the tips you guys provided, so what I hand in should be about six and a half to seven pages, which was the absolute minimum I was hoping for.

Kevin has cut one of my Freezer stories. That's alright, as I was stressing about having to perfect the two of them. I look forward to Fridge, even as I dread it!

I got a V.I.P. (Very Involved Person) Award at the GME supper tonight! I wasn't expecting anything (all I do is show up and sing) and I'm not even graduating, but there they went and called my name after saying a lot of really nice things. The award itself is "For continued dedication, cheerfulness, and a contagious smile." All of us who have been around for four years or more (I believe Vicki and Margaret would use the term "Lifers") got a little something. The whole thing is a little cheesy, but sue me, I like a little bit of cheesy. It made me smile even more, which seemed appropriate. We sang an awful lot tonight and that was wonderful.
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A Zen master walks up to a hot dog vendor and says, "Make me one with everything"

The hot dog vendor serves the Zen master and says "That'll be $2." The Zen master hands over a $5 bill and extends his hand, expecting change. The vendor says, "Change must come from within."
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Why were all the baby ants confused?
Because their uncles were all a(u)nts.
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I love dancing and I love telephone conversations and I am very fond of yogurt and pineapple for breakfast.

Going out dancing at queer night may have to be repeated next month, so long as I do not have a Saturday rehearsal the next day.

I am crawling back into bed now, because that is so the only place I have the energy to be.
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"i" walks into a bar. The barman looks at him and says, "Get real."
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That was breathaking. In both senses of the word. It's an incredibly windy day today - I've been listening to it gust and whistle past the house all morning. Bailey and I went for a short walk on Dallas Road (the off-leash park) and it was spectacular. It was a struggle to move forward, then it was a struggle not to get thrown forward when the wind was to my back. Port Angeles is completly invisible the fog and the waves are buffeting up against the cliffs. I've never seen them do that before. Every time I forget, something happens to remind me that this place is so damn breathtaking!
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This week's deus ex brought to you by: [livejournal.com profile] ecchs

The three party members who went diving into what turned out the be the Labyrinth all came out alive! (Though Mitch had to knock Ben unconscious too do it.) Instead of rejoicing at the fact that they came out alive, we all proceeded to bicker. And bicker and bicker. We don't so much have party unity as party distrust.

King and I had an aside conversation. We both ended up rolling our limit breaks over it.

There are good odds that King and I will break next session. Roleplaying limit break is FUN and it's been quite some time.

...end of term stress not-withstanding, I feel happier. Had I been a mischevious child, I'd say that that was what was slowly creeping back into me. (I think I am getting healthier.)
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Aaaaaaaaaaand another beloved tevelsion character bites the dust.

I really wish they'd stop doing that. Le sigh.

I am feeling much improved over last week, though I've had a few late nights in a row and it's left me a little worn. I got some solid praise yesterday from Ensemble Co-Director Paulo about my solo. Some criticism too, but in the "This will make it better." way and not the soul-crushing "You fail." kind of way. Which is always prefered. I am fairly glowing with excitement over the concert and I know it shows in rehearsal. It's fantastic, spirited music to begin with (it's an Africa-themed show, we're playing support to another club on this one) which means we're all having fun with it.
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Swimming is fantastic.

I should stop avoiding my opera class homework. It's only going to get uglier the longer I put it off.

My first test snuck up on me and my paperwork is nowhere near ready. I'll be writing a test like one of the "normal" kids next week. It's kind of intimidating, since I haven't written one in the classroom or without extra time added since I started university three years ago. Still, I didn't really have trouble with french tests in high school. I'm still antsy. I think I'll feel better once I start revising.

I'm exhausted, but in the "Those goddamn alpha waves are going to sleep tonight, bitch." kind of way. Take that, sucker. This is where I (hopefully) start building up some endurance and start coping better with the medication shift and life in general.
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I played LiveJournal Dungeons for a while this morning, but I wasn't doing very well. Why?

Here's why. )

Other amusements:

You quaff the potion marked 'FIBROMYALGIA'. It tastes foul.

You are walking through a dusty throne room. You notice a chiselled epitaph to nittle grasper.

A wooden sign warns of dungeons and dragons.

Bones are scattered in the shape of kung fu.

Resting on a plinth is a figurine of Jumila. It's the figurine of wondrous Gigi!

You are walking through a crumbling cave. You hear the sound of larp in the distance.
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Monkey dance

Monkey want a banana?

In other news, to hell with this last proofread. I'm going, for lack of a bette word, bananas trying to do it. It should make sense, this was just a "I feel like I should but ohhhh I don't want to". I just don't care enough anymore. So now its emailed in an I am done for the year! Hoooooooorrrraaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I might be going out tonight as well. That is most exciting, as friends are awesome.

Finally, how do you know you're talking to an extroverted physicist?

He looks at YOUR shoes when he talks to you!
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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

A la Princess Bride )
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Hunger can be annoying, but ooohhhhh does it made even a simple sandwhich delicious.
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I am somehow proud that not only do I not particularily care that the Oscars are on tonight, but that I will be enjoying playing Exalted with my friends instead. (Sci-fi/fantasy bracket defeats the Hollywood bracket every time!)

I may have solved my paper-journaling-while-also-blogging dilemma. I still do not like that I am writing extensively in both places, so the paper journal is going more visual than written. I've been playing with collage a lot lately anyway. This rule is suspended, of course, when I really need to get rid of the angsty cooties, because typing holds nothing over actually writing it out. (As testified by my 2005 paper entries, which all deal with major meltdowns, break-ups and when I was lucky, both.)
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Question: Why did the boy eat his homework?
Answer: Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake.

Question: Pourquoi la girafe a-t-elle un cou aussi long?
RĂ©ponse: Parce que ses pieds puent!
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Today I ate fresh strawberries from a bowl with strawberries painted on it =D
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I only got lost once on the way there and that was inside the building, so it's okay since there are no maps and not so great labels and only had to backtrack once on the way out! And I got Timmy's Hot Chocolate! *And* I beat today's Sodoku, which means I win at life! A lot of the afternoon's talk went over my head, since I only know the barest of essentials when talking about discourses and rhetoric (and there was a lot of that), but I still had a lovely afternoon. My professor seemed pleasantly surprised that at least one of us had shown up.

I should go start dinner, but I feel kind of woozy. Probaly because I need to, you know, EAT. So I'll go put it on anyway.

I bought cake pans this afternoon. This makes me gleeful.


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