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And just like that, I am back in school mode! How in god's name am I going to get all of this done! (Little pieces, I just have to break it down.)

A tentative sort of plan and rambles! )

To summarize: play it by the numbers and don't get yourself terrified by the numbers!
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Potential problems with the study aside (like the RLS self-diagnosis), I feel the need to be a bit snarky and point out that while this information is very interesting it's uh, too late :P Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Speaking of RLS, I've been taking magnesium supplements lately to help deal with mine and its worked beautifully. Even on days I haven't exercised, traditionally my worst, my legs were much less apt to jump about. I've fallen off the ball with pretty much all of the meds I'm taking the last few days and it's like I've got jumping beans instead of legs. Back on board with the magnesium, hurrah!
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I knew I wasn't feeling great yesterday, but I realised my stroke/fibryalgia symptoms were especially bad when my friend Heather - someone I've known for three and a half years - walked into the cafeteria and I couldn't quite sort out what her name was. I said "Hi Heather", all the while thinking 'Is that Heather? No... Liz? I'm so confused!' Thankfully, I don't believe that confusion has followed me into today. I knew I had physical problems to match when I noticed was drifting way to the right (my right side is the affected and weak side) in the swimming pool, especially when I was only using my legs. Thankfully, swimming did do me some good and I made it through my second lecture of the day quite capably.

I'm not entirely sure if the stroke or the fibromyalgia is to blame for all of this. The Fibro Fog is more than capable of confusing me to that extent (though it's been some time since it's been that bad!), but the weakness is my right side is classic stroke and so is having trouble with my long term memory. Or maybe it was one playing into the other? I don't know.

I'm supposed to go out dancing on Friday, but if I'm still feeling this hellish I may have to cancel my own plans. That is not at all desirable (I've been planning this outing for two months, damnit!), but I know that yesterday, I could not have dealt with crowds and loud music.


Nov. 26th, 2006 10:10 pm
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On Friday, I finished a paper. This is not unusual for the end of term period. What is so unusual (and joyful!) about it is that I have not finished a paper on time, let alone early, since high school, possibly even pre-stroke and this one is due on Tuesday! I have floating deadlines as part of my accomodations and I've always, always needed them.

I will be handing in a paper on time for the first time in my unviersity career. I don't know that most of you will understand what that is so amazingly wonderful and awesome, but for me, it's a sign of so much progress in my study habits and a return to health, things I've been fighting for for years.

I'd suggest I'd been replaced by aliens and that I was an imposter, but nothing else will be on time. But this one thing is already done! Days before the deadline!

Gleeful hope!
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This week's deus ex brought to you by: [livejournal.com profile] ecchs

The three party members who went diving into what turned out the be the Labyrinth all came out alive! (Though Mitch had to knock Ben unconscious too do it.) Instead of rejoicing at the fact that they came out alive, we all proceeded to bicker. And bicker and bicker. We don't so much have party unity as party distrust.

King and I had an aside conversation. We both ended up rolling our limit breaks over it.

There are good odds that King and I will break next session. Roleplaying limit break is FUN and it's been quite some time.

...end of term stress not-withstanding, I feel happier. Had I been a mischevious child, I'd say that that was what was slowly creeping back into me. (I think I am getting healthier.)
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Swimming is fantastic.

I should stop avoiding my opera class homework. It's only going to get uglier the longer I put it off.

My first test snuck up on me and my paperwork is nowhere near ready. I'll be writing a test like one of the "normal" kids next week. It's kind of intimidating, since I haven't written one in the classroom or without extra time added since I started university three years ago. Still, I didn't really have trouble with french tests in high school. I'm still antsy. I think I'll feel better once I start revising.

I'm exhausted, but in the "Those goddamn alpha waves are going to sleep tonight, bitch." kind of way. Take that, sucker. This is where I (hopefully) start building up some endurance and start coping better with the medication shift and life in general.
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I'd forgotten how hard it is to study when you haven't any energy! Even the drive to work lacks - all you want to do is curl up and do brainless things. I had the television on for seven hours yesterday. That is probably more than the previous three weeks combined. Sitting down to do anything that requires brain power, even my paper journaling, sees my brain skittering off in all directions very rapidly. Still, it's got to get done and some stupid flare-up isn't going to gum me up that badly!

For the last few days, I have been in constant awe that I used to live like this. This level of fatigue and this inability to focus and the sheer exhaustion used to be an every day thing. Every day. It's a little staggering to realize it: I can't remember that period very clearly, so this is a bit of re-discovery. I have come a long way from the girl with a quarter-sized amount of blood sitting on her brain, unable to speak or really understand english, unable to really read or even focus for more than a few minutes. I can now calculate 4 x 1, even when harried! I have not always been able to say that. Sure, my memory is still piecemeal (Fedora? You have a fedora? Not to mention the parts of my childhood gone forever, though that's not always a bad thing!) I have dealt with being left behind by friends when all I could do was lie in bed, I have dated, I have put up plays, hell, I've lived all alone! Sure, I exhibited some stupid behaviour recently, which landed me here, but I have come an awfully long way. That doesn't make it any easier to focus tonight, but I'll cope. Silver lining and all that, right?

(I think that, in this moment, I am happy.)


Feb. 9th, 2005 11:18 am
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I have to wash and dry my hair for my EEG tommorow. (An EEG, basically, reads your brain waves. I will look like a lab rat and have putty and electrodes on my head.) I am not allowed to put in conditioner. I am going to be a FRIZZ BALL tommorow morning. Good thing I have to wash my hair afterwards anyway to get all the gunk out of it. :P I will be Miss Frizzle, for a bit, red hair and all.
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I will never ceased to be amazed at humanity and how similar we all really are, deep down - until I get old and then I'll just laugh at our youthful stupidity. Or maybe I'll just skip the waiting part and do that now. I have enough of a sense of humour for that, I think.

As I told Andrew, it is amazing how we can feel so alone with so much support around us.

On a different note, stroke meet-up tommorow. Nervous, but really looking forward to it. It's years overdue.
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I seem to have forgotten how to spell "bablings", if I ever did know. That's all on that.
I am so frenched out! And it's my first language! I'm french canadian, but the language is driving me nuts! Perhaps the blame lies with my french teacher and the whole predicament my stroke produced, but whatever the causes I am stuck doing make-up work over the summer. I've done little else for the past four days. I've had enough!!!
Grr... undernet's splitting again, and I'm already using my IRC for another room (on an applet for #jetcjr) so I can't get in until I log out of #ufk, but I don't want to log out of there... Decisions, decisions. (Spelling, spelling...)
That's enough for today. I should get to updating my Redwall site. It's been a looong time in comming.
Stupid undernet...
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In an attempt to be organized and not to confuse other (not to mention myself) I'm labelling my entries under three categories. The Story (which is the re-counting of my adventures in stroke land), Recent Developement (which are present day notes regarding my stroke) and Random Babblings (which is pretty self-explanatory). Now I'm going to go and actually write an entry here.
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Ugh... I feel all sickly and gross. I knew going out for a walk earlier wasn't a good idea. Between the humidity and air advisory... (I have asthma, btw) My mom really wanted to go out for supper but I don't feel up to it, and my youngest brother doesn't either. Being sick sucks.
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So hey, back to our main topic. Alright, I believe I left off at going home after my first seizure. The day afterward was not overly exciting, I didn't really get how sick I was and hung around in the basement all day. I still couldn't really read, so that stunk. I payed for staying around that evening though. I felt so sick. I'm sure the freshly done lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap) didn't help matters either. So I felt really sick, headachy still. Went back to the hospital the next day, my parents worried. After a several hour long stay, we were sent home, declaring my sympotoms were just post spinal tap. Still, however, not reading, headache still in place. More later.
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I forgot a story... how unsurprising. Keep in mind that I don't remember this myself, only a vague memory of being asked some questions. Please also keep in mind that 80% (or some big number like that, varies from country to country I'm sure) of teenage seizures are caused my drug abuse. (Not my case, thank you very much. I don't even drink. The very idea of my doing either is pretty funny if you know me well.)
Okay, so I'm at the hospital in emerg, still really dozy and out of it, when one of the docs comes in. He started grilling me.
"Do you know what 'E' is?"
I said I did.
"When was the last time you were at a rave Katie?"
By now, even this early in the conversation, I'm gone. Like a curtain had dropped. I just gave him a blank look.
"When was the last time you had E Katie?"
More blank looks.
The questions continued in this manner for a short while longer until the doc decides he's had enough and storms out of the room, a look of disgust on his face. My parents heard him slam the chart down outside. Obviously, he was convinced I'd overdosed on E.
Later, when I'm back to myself and awake, my mom turned to me and asked me what E is.
I just turned to her and said. "It's the fifth letter of the alphabet."
I think it was eventually corrected with the doc, but it's still funny to me, though he was a bit of a jerk. *snerk*
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Interesting how I sleep long hours but end up exhaused all the time anyway. Anyway, I thought last night that I might (attempt to) chronicle this past year and what it's like being this sick. We'll see how this works out. (We'll see if I remember enough to do this. :P)
So, where to start. Okay. About a year and two/three weeks ago I started feeling pretty sick, you know, exhaused, headaches that don't go away (and I was taking tylenol like crazy too) and I even lost my concentration. I couldn't *gasp* even read fic! I could only concentrate on things like drabbles in relativly large fonts. It was not fun. Anyway, I took a day off of school but I went back on the friday anyway because I needed to get work and stuff. I used to really hate being behind and stuff. Little miss goodie two shoes, even now I still am a bit. Anyway, things didn't get any better, but I still forced myself to go baby-sitting that night. Smart me. I came home that evening and quite literally crashed in bed.
Next thing I know, paramedics are standing at the foot of my bed at some ungodly hour and I'm more than a little out of it. A half hour passed, but in my recolection it was only a few short moments. Not pretty. So off to the hospital I go. Turns out I've had a Grand Mal (sp? I can't quite remember...) seizure, including the blue face and and death-like appearance that follows it (boy did I scary my mom). I had a spinal tap and the doctor treated me like I was five, patting me on the head and telling me I was doing a good job. Much more than that I don't remember. They sent me home sometime later that morning.
That's enough rambling for now, I suspect. Plenty more to put down later.
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So. Entry one. Any one here ever had a stroke? It's an interesting event. I'm a year into mine. Most people think it's only for the elderly, and that they don't last long. Wrong on both counts. See why stereotypes are bad? Even now I can still shock people with the news. I supose I'll be able to for the rest of my life. *grin* At least I'll have a story to tell my grandkids.


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