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At the library, I had a fit of nostalgia - or possibly massochism - and picked up a copy of Knife of Dreams, the eleventh book in the Wheel of Time series. Wish me luck! I also borrowed a BSG book (I am sometimes that kind of fan) and, after accidentally stumbling into the drama section, grabbed another four books there. One about contemporary canadian drama (it's all going to be terribly, wonderfully academic), da Kink in my Hair (a good read and undoubtedly excellent when performed), and two anthologies, one of which contains The Unnatural and Accidental Women, which I really didn't pay proper attention to last time I read it. I'm looking forward to the second chance! That same anthology has also got a Betty Lambert play, which is good news to me as I really got into Jennie's Story, both for the story and all of the symbolism and metaphor underneath it. (That was the one paper I ever turned in early as an undergrad!)

da Kink in my Hair is a very well known play (now turned television series?) by trey anthony and, as the cover says, celebrates the voices of black womyn. Some of it was culture-specific, and other parts translated perfectly well no matter what colour skin you're wearing. The monologues about love at an advanced age, sexual abuse, and suicide have stuck with me in particular. The Unnatural and Accidental Women is a dramatization of the murder of ten aboriginal women in Vancouver that took place over a thirty-year time span. We studied it in Contemporary Women Playwrights, just over a year ago now, but like I said, I didn't really give it my full attention - plays that came up at the end of term never did. Which reminds me - I also really need to track down a copy (hell, a production!) of At Her Feet.

Of course, I didn't walk away from the library with a single book that was on my to-read list. That would have worked out far too well. Happy reading to the rest of you!
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A disgustingly long time ago, my brother and I sat down to watch the Met's 2007 production of Eugene Onegin. It's an opera written by the ever well-known Tchaikovsky in 1879 and tells the story of an ultimately doomed love affair between the title character and Tatiana. For the most part, the story moved along at a reasonable place (okay, so it did move slowly no matter how you slice it, but still enjoyed it) and the performers were all great. What really blew me away, what still gets me excited just thinking about it, is the set design. (It is probably no coincidence that set design and construction was the area of tech theatre that I found most interesting.)

Read more (aka watch me fangirl) behind the cut. )
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I'm so close to the end of this essay... and all I can think is that I really, really want to re-write it. Oh well! It'll be done tommorow by five and that's that. Because OMG ENOUGH ALREADY. I have so much else to do. I used some of the tips you guys provided, so what I hand in should be about six and a half to seven pages, which was the absolute minimum I was hoping for.

Kevin has cut one of my Freezer stories. That's alright, as I was stressing about having to perfect the two of them. I look forward to Fridge, even as I dread it!

I got a V.I.P. (Very Involved Person) Award at the GME supper tonight! I wasn't expecting anything (all I do is show up and sing) and I'm not even graduating, but there they went and called my name after saying a lot of really nice things. The award itself is "For continued dedication, cheerfulness, and a contagious smile." All of us who have been around for four years or more (I believe Vicki and Margaret would use the term "Lifers") got a little something. The whole thing is a little cheesy, but sue me, I like a little bit of cheesy. It made me smile even more, which seemed appropriate. We sang an awful lot tonight and that was wonderful.
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Koi-san. That was one of the best rehearsals in history ever. We should do it again sometime. (Oh wait...)

I did not get cast in "Tales of an Everyday Soldier", but I had a really great audition for "A Beautiful Afternoon" today. Will hear back relatively soon, I imagine.

Still no word back about my Freezer Fest entries and whether or not they have been accepted. Curse you, Kevin!

... I really love people, especially my friends. Just to clarify for anyone who might not have figured that out by now.
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As I've already asked a few of you; next time I feel really ill because of the fibromyalgia, please tell me to take a hike. Or go swimming. Or do some martial arts. I swam for about fifteen minutes yesterday in the midst of one of the worst days I've had all month (and you know, that's really saying something) and it was like flipping a switch. Sure, I was still exhausted and worn down, but my god it was like night and day. The tingling warnings of a pain flare-up went away, my mental state was so much improved... it's always hard to know if exercise will just push me into a flare or will make me better, but more often than not, it's the latter. You'd think I've have learned that lesson after five and a half years :P

That being said, my mental skillz were pretty bad today and I did not study very much, despite the need for it. I did, however, go to the theatre with Myriam (Chimera, playing at the Tarragon), which was for school. I am hoping to hammer out the draft of my paper about it tommorow. I have a good track record with this class, so I'm hoping to keep it up.

I've been granted a re-write for the paper I wrote for Critical Sexualities. It was kind of a disaster, but the prof thought I was a better student than that and wants me to re-do it. Keener participation habits (which are her basis for this judgement) for the win? Next week's exam, the one I was freaking out a bit over, has been made into a take-home exam. SO, that's a weight of my shoulders, even the bar goes up with take-homes.

I am terrified that I am going to audition for all these Fridge shows and end up doing nothing but my Freezer fest stories (one of which will probably be rejected because of length). I basically passed up a free pass for a role in one of the shows (ah, Theatre Glendon inbreeding is alive and well) but I turned it down for a variety of confused reasons. I'll audition for the show anyway, but I kind want more a challenge this year? I want to prove to myself that I can land something on my own? Don't get me wrong, I had an absolute blast doing Chimera last year, but if it's the only theatre I'm doing all year and my last Fridge Festival, I'd like to do something more substantial. I'm just terrified I won't get cast at all, because as much as I love it so strongly it's in my very bones, I have jack all confidence in my own ability to act. Just so long as I don't let that fear stop me from auditioning altogether, I'll be okay. Then at least I can say I tried.
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So don't get me wrong - The Traumatized Generation would be a fantastic story to tell at Fridge Festival (should it be accepted - because a zombie story such as this would go over FANTASTICALLY) - but wouldn't it be awesome to tell one of my own stories? The only one up to scratch is probably Escape. I need to get a copy of that to a more impartial eye, or to go over it myself and see if I can't bring the weaker passages up to snuff. It converts to monologue pretty well. The narrator is male and it changes the dynamic a bit to make him female, but not drastically so. I just need to make sure I can update the story enough to make it, you know, good. There's also then absolutely no worries about getting the rights, because they're already mine.

Something to think about, since I'm buzzing off the walls and evidently not bound for bed any time soon.


Nov. 12th, 2005 11:04 pm
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That was a silly opera. It was a lot of fun, but what a silly story. I'm sure it was written to be serious hundreds of years ago and it probably didn't help that on one side, I had [livejournal.com profile] jaefru giggling about all the silly and to the other, a dear family friend, a woman in her sixties if not seventies, giggling about how nice the dancers looked in their tights. I could not be expected to take Armide seriously under such conditions.

The short synopsis is that Armide, a young Warrior Princess of Damascus, enchants a fearless Christian knight (and her enemy) in order to slay him. Instead, they fall in love with each other. She has lots of dealings with demons and spirits and Love (or l'Amour, as he's credited) spends quite a bit of time prancing about on stage. Finally, however, the duties from which she tore her lover pull him back and away from her. In her disapointed anger and rage (she missed the - I really do care! part of his speech, having fainted), destroys her own Kingdom. The show was in French, but between bad accents and the general distortion of a language when translated into Opera, I was still grateful for all the subtitles.

This opera is classified as a psychological thriller, but I don't think the banquet tables were a part of those two dancer's costumes when it was put on back in the seventeenth century. I do not think the two knights who eventually 'rescue' their fellow were supposed to "Eep" quite so comically either. But good lord were those two funny. That was very possibly the best scene of the whole show. (Because who does not enjoy castagnettes and bells and dancing?)

On the whole, the sets and costumes were gorgeous and the singers were fabulous, especially Armide. She had a lot of singing to do and performed it all admirably. [livejournal.com profile] jaefru and I particularily enjoyed the demon worship that the Muslims employed to ensare the good Christian. And the fact that Hate (credited as La Haine) had an earing was rather distracting. [livejournal.com profile] yubsie would have probably appreciated the generous and appropriate use of sparkles in, well, everything.

I also ran into a pile of people I knew. It is a terribly small world.
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Yesterday was frickin awesome. More to tell on that tale when I get back from Kung Fu. It was such a good day.

And it's after Kung Fu. So more.

Kicked off early, I was in the shop behind the theater by ten am. The morning was rather boring, with me drawing out shapes on plywood while I struck up awkward conversation with Matt. We have some similar interests, but not quite enough to actually converse properly - you know?

Things turned much better after lunch, when Myriam and Naomi showed up for their crew hours. All of the reds Duncan bought were actually pink or brown when used, so we have a bright coral bathtub right now, as opposed to a red one. We'll work around that :P

The three of us had fun and were productive. I had my first run in with powertools - a jigsaw, to be precise - and so I was greatly amused to realize that the girls were in the back shop using power tools while the guys were out front hanging curtains. It doesn't matter if they're theater curtains :P

We packed up earlier than anticipated (a full hour - this was good), and just as I was sweeping up Bergmann shows up in the entrance way. Apparently, DnD ran late, so he stopped by to see if I was done, as we head home the same way. A very pleasant surprise indeed. It meant a forty five minute ride to Woodbine station with company, rather than alone. Twas good.

Riding some very fun high I made it to Misha's only about half an hour late, and was thus there for the entire RP session, which we devoted to Misha's game as I won't be here for the next two weeks due to play. OMG. One of the greatest sessions ever.

First of all, in the Exalted game system, all Solar Exalted (like our characters) have virtue flaws, and when those build up too high, we have limit breaks. The limit break is then reset - but not before some rather unpleasant side effects.

There are five characters in our game. In this one session, four of us broke.

I think I broke first, but was quickly followed by Gigi and Mitchell's characters, and Colin was only a day behind. When I break, I become the ultimate altruist: anything and everything for anyone and everyone. And I do mean ANYTHING. Gigi and Colin's breaks didn't affect Trian (my character) so much, but Mitchell's hella does. He become deliberatly cruel. He asked Trian to go down into a pit and open a lock on something that was mostly likely a trap - and being the good little panderer I am, for the next few days game time anyway, I went, and I opened the lock.

Half my health levels later.

Good god that was fun. I got kudos from Misha for willingly doing something so stupid but in character. It could have meant her death, and we all knew it, but both Mitchell's character and I had to do it the way we did. Apparently, some players try and balk when they find themselves forced to send their characters into situation's like Trian's, and while I can see why, it's really not in character.

Thus, half my health levels.

Of course, the very fact that I FELL FOR IT and got REALLY BADLY HURT means Mitchell's character is only going to look down on me more, and thus be even more cruel. I'm enjoying this limit break very muchly. Trian offered herself to Mitchell's character while he was breaking (so that he would do something and thus, make Thaiya happy) - the whole cruel thing. He didn't accept, but it was an amusing thing to do anyway.

Also in role play news, I was very happy to find out that I *was* in the Invisible Fortress in my last life! It's as long story as to what that is, but it ties into Gigi's characters past life, and apparently mine too. Andara Trian was Iatryxian the Weaver, who learned how to weave stone into cloth. Do I not rock? (Edit: very, very bad pun, for which I apologize) I'm sorry, but this makes me far too happy for it to really be allowed, but I so wanted to have been in the Fortress in my last life, and a lucky roll got me that knowledge.

Mitchell also thought up a kick ass plan for our two characters for the next ten years - as we are playing a "Ten Years Later Game" once we're finished with Abberant. He's a genius. Trian and Darkwind (his character) have too much fun to separate. I still think they should try being lovers, and it doesn't work out, and that's just the way it happened. :P

I'm not sure if this conveys *why* may day was awesome, but it just was, and you know what? For the first time I months, when someone asked me how my day was, I answered "Good", because it was the honest truth.


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