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I am a West Coast Witch once more!

It hasn't sunk in yet that this is a long-term visit, even though I freaked out while packing because there wasn't enough room and it wasn't this bad last year and augh! I realised the difference lies in that last year, I was packing for a trip. This year, I was packing up my life.

Flights were okay. Layover in Vancouver, the first leg of the trip felt a bit long. Or maybe my legs were just too long. (There was much ow.) Safe and sound though, so that's all that matters.

It's two am. I'm going to bed. I'll be online again, eventually.
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*really really*

I feel like someone has tied a weight to every single part of my body and then put a rubber band around my forehead. It's really not a fun tired. But it's my own fault for being in the sun on Sunday and yesterday was so worth it. Steve and I (Too lazy to bother with coding) went up to Cathedral Grove and basked in the glory of 800 year old trees. And I have pictures to prove it! I'm going to have to go back in costume one of these days. Nymph and dryad costumes ahoy! (I'm obessed, I know!)

That's a lot of exclamation marks. I love how you can convey energy online, even when you have none in real life.

And holy hell, when did the end of my trip here sneak up so fast? I know there was all sorts of discussion about it last night, but it didn't really settle in until today at work, when I was telling people when I was going... *enter big long rant you've all heard before about feeling torn* There. That saved us all some time, angst and flist space.

I also have a really sad story about geekiness and homesickness, but I really just want to curl up on the couch and shrivel right now, so I might do that.

That smiley face I'm using for my mood set is on drugs. Who has hearts in their eyes?
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Home tommorow. I lied Andrew. I won't be in until way later - I thought I'd factored in the time differencial, but I lied. Put me at the house closer to ten or eleven.

In other news, Chris, I hope your internet connection died or you have somesuch other good excuse for ditching me, you probably do, but I will be fittingly suspicious until you fill me in. Because of course, I will be online all day tommorow.

It will be nice to be back in my familiar city and to see my friends, though I will miss - to a certain extent, don't go getting any ideas - the nice weather. At least I can show off my new scarf! Also, I am going to follow Misha's example and go back on my own diet. So much healthier when I'm actually on it.

This post has turned into random babling. Goodnight all.
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You people are no fun.

It's boring at one thirty am, Eastern time.

I'm going to bed.

Mixed bag

Feb. 16th, 2005 08:26 pm
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Dear LJ.

I know I do not have a paid account and and such, have no real right to complain. But this constant interruption of service is very, very frustrating. My journal layout has even gone missing. So please, hurry and solve all of this.


In other news, I'm setting down to work on the postcards today, since I would LIKE to mail them while I am still here ^^* There may be one or two exceptions though, as specific requests for made and I have yet to track such postcards down.

Life continues to move along slowly. This is an amazing vacation and we may have even found a solution for next year, which takes a major weight off my chest. I was trying not to stress over it, but its hard to have your future in such complete disarray. I have several more loose ends to tie off before all of this is done, most of which cannot be done for a while yet, but this helps a lot.

Though stress will still abound until the end of exams. Oh yes. Any of you give a good back rub?
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Anyone who wants to send Lauren hugs should let me know before about three pm tommorow, your time. I will deliver them in person at about five o'clock your time. Or maybe less, seeing how everything out here seems to be "just down the street" :P

I've been sad about my flist all day, because everyone seems to so that it's Valentine's Day, as most of my flist seems to be single. And it got me thinking. I've never been in a relationship for said day, but this is my first one after having been a part of a couple and I'll admit, that "bitter" part in the "Bitter Single's Society" makes a little more sense now, especially seeing all the couples at the restaurant for dinner. But I was raised to have fun with this day no matter what. Romantic love is wonderful, yes, but it is only one kind of love. You can still celebrate family and friends (which sounds as cheesy as all get out): though admittedly, this route is a little more expensive if you do the consumer thing.

I think I'm just really wierd.

And, finally, even though most of my flist is actually onto the fifteenth of the month, a Valentine's Meme )


Feb. 13th, 2005 08:25 pm
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I'm not making any promises, but since I am on vacation in a new and interesting place, here is the official call for postcard requests.

Comments will screened, so only I will see your addresses, and I am not subtle enough to be a stalker.

Note: Unless you are [livejournal.com profile] cowabungaflip_, give me your address, even if I have it already, as I have none of these said addresses on me.

Pseudo-interesting post one what I did today, but TOMMOROW. As I am tired now.
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I suffered a thoroughly unproductive day today :(

It's been a bad exams period. Too much stress from too many sources and I just haven't been able to get on the ball and focus. I'll be up on the late side tonight trying to make amends, but the exam is only worth a quarter of my grade: if I don't do spectacularily, I don't do spectacularily.

Heading out to Quebec tommorow for the yearly trip. I won't be back until the first or second, pending weather conditions, though I should have a little tiny bit of internet access. (On dial up >.< I am so spoiled at home!)

On a happier note I had a great birthday yesterday, and thank you to all the well wishers :) It was a nice to go to bed, log in and find all the happy birthday wishes :) I got lots of cool presents (I tried to list them, but with my commentary, it got way too long ^^*) [info]thecleric007 's present got here today too. :P I had officially given up on seeing Fushigi Yuugi a few weeks ago, but now I have from where I left off, all the way to the end!!!

Plus, I got to see [info]the_great_waka, M., P., [info]cowabungaflip_ and R.. With the exception of the two el jay users, I only see the others every few months. (And it feels like I'm only seeing [info]the_great_waka every few months, lately :( ) We also saw The Wizard of Oz in a movie theater. Tres schway.

Well, I have gone on far longer than I intended and probably lost half of you along the way :P Goodnight and happy holidays!
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Shway, I am now back online fora few days. This whole no monday through thursday thing really sucks.

I leave for Europe I week today. :) I'm very excited. I'm going to be rooming with a friend I've lived with before, and we don't work so well as roomates. She's a neat freak and she always takes the best bed (which only sucks when you're on a boat), but I'm not a neat freak. Of course, it didn't help that our room was the size of a sliver, and the only place to leave my bad *was* in the entrance way, and it was really hard to keep neat because there was no where on the floor to pack it up again, and my bed was a bad place to do it because it was a bunk bed, and I couldn't even sit up when I was under there... I hope it works out better this year. We also had so issues with wake-up calls, which almost rate as nasty on her part, but again, I'm healthier this year, so we'll see.

I have Kung Fu very soon. It's exciting. I get to punch and kick things. And run around the room until I could drop. :)

I've been trying to skim through Gabrielle Roy's autobiography for a school project, and I keep realizing I'm reading, not skimming. She's an amazing author.

This is a very random, very big, very jam-packed post. :) Maybe I'm jumping aorund just neough to so that people with long attention spans won't get bored, and people with short attention spans won't get bored.

Alright. Shutting up.


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