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Not that I've ever made fun of CSRs or other people who work in customer service, but actually doing the job is giving me whole new levels of appreciation for what you folk do. Five afternoons on the job and I am exhausted. I know it will get easier as I get more practiced, but right now, I'm simply overwhelmed. At least - at least! - I managed to make some really positive strides toward getting out of this black hole of chronic ill health I've been in for the last several months. It's like everything is interesting and bright again and I can't stop laughing. And that's good. Now, I just need to get a handle on this CSR thing!

Today was movies, movies, movies. This included Star Wars, which is still epic and awesome. I don't know that those will ever get old for me. (Oh Lando, even when betraying our intrepid heroes, you're still one of my favourites.) We went out en famile last night as well, which was lovely! I tried to get us lost in the park, but it is regrettably too small and too familiar for that. I might upload some of the pictures tomorrow, as I've been meaning to show off our blossoms and greenery since sometime in late January.
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Exploding (re-rolling) two zeros into two zeros into two zeros into a nine and a zero was fun. Ten success on three dice and all that. I like Mage. Even if I did go over ten paradox (naughty, naughty). I love Exalted's charms, but there's a real appeal in being able to do anything you can explain away. Um... more, perhaps, after I've napped.

Edit (5pm): Wow crashed. I begged out of work for the day, but I'm still working the party tonight. At least I will be well fed and watered there! (I am not working the whole night, just the first few hours.) I'll just keep raking in these hours so long as my body can take it, as it's back to the phones tommorow too! Mage exacerbated things, but this crash was coming sooner rather than later anyway, so it's no harm done and I am not sorry in the slightest to have gone.

I'm about two-thirds of the way into "Throne of Jade". (It's probably the reason I'm using so many big words.) Volley's grown on me, but I am still not overfond of him. I am also trying very hard not to think of Hammond as some annoying sycophant (because he's not the latter, at least), but it's very hard when I am so very much on Lawrence and Temeraire's side. Basically, I am enjoying it fantastically and I've got post-its in the book marking off fantastic little passages I want to quote out.

And now, I shall go get all prettied up and ready to go play hostess. Ta da!


Dec. 15th, 2006 12:59 am
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44 hours of work now? Something like that. I have it all recorded in a notebook.

I am mostly ready for the one-shot tommorow, though I really should finish spending my experience points. I know where they are going (backgrounds and spheres!), so it's just a matter of making sure I have all the costs right. I'll do that once I'm done here.

I've settled (more or less) settled on a name and I've found some books to read as research for this summer's larp character. I seem to be pretty settled, though again, four and a half months until I actually put it into practice. This time last year I still thought I'd be playing Natalie. Still, this concept unites a whole bunch of things I find really neat. It will also be hot, yo.

And now, I'll go poke my nose back into Throne of Jade, because the adventures of the dragon Temeraire are so very, very endearing.
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Ho hum.

I am an extremely tired girl these days. I could not get through editing my paper - I really wanted to, couldn't make it. Instead, I walked Bailey twice, mailed letters to [livejournal.com profile] partytodamascus and [livejournal.com profile] jumila, started [livejournal.com profile] jaefru's letter and watched some TV. My savage appetite that we all know and love is back though. Every two, three hours, I'm ready for more food! I guess I should eat bigger meals? All I know is that I'm *hungry* again and on the level that has intimidated my friends :P Hello again Rehi me!

I am sleeping with earplugs in, as the neighbours can be really noisy. I desperately wish I had a mirror down there, as I must look terribly hilarious with orange bits sticking out of my ears. Hee.

I start work next week, when we get into the next house up for restoration. I am actually rather looking forward to it, as I enjoy physical labour. It's good for my body (after the initial crushing period where it adapts :P) and I love being able to see and get my hands on my progress. It's probably why I enjoy set design and construction so much. This won't be terribly different.
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I am the dork who, upon finding the trailer for Ice Princess, watched it through once and then went through it all over again with my finger on the trigger to pause it whenever there was a school scene. All because I spent two days on the set this summer. The fun part is, I actually found Krystle, though no sign of myself. Shame.


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