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So here's the thing.

Ranty reactions to SPN 5x10 under the cut. A more squeeful poll follows.

I don't think I've ever found the Supernatural isms fail to be so distracting as I did this week. (Did I make a mistake and watch Glee instead? OH SNAP)

This is pretty much why we need more shows with female leads. The power balance is so inherently skewed when it's all men (and presumably cismen) in the key position that this is the kind of garbage that happens way too easily.

It's bad writing too; women sacrificing themselves nobly so that the men can go on is an old narrative the writers are likely falling into without even thinking. That Ellen's death is more about Jo is nice, but it doesn't change the fact that they're both dead. (I have always wished for a female Doctor Who, because OMG THE GENDER NARRATIVES, except that I doubt that the ensuing male companions would receive the same written treatment as the women have gotten. Which isn't a bad thing, just telling.)

Can someone give me an instance of another functional (or mostly, because I'm willing to allow for the 'verse being what it is) duo, trio or more of women that didn't ultimately turn on itself? Because I think the show just killed off its first and last. Edit: We did have Ruby and Lilith! Who are also dead.

Also, the able-bodied line. Do they even realise that they're devaluing their own characters? Not to mention their fans?

I want to write Deanna and Mary bonding times and also maybe Bobby as a transman. And something to please finally address the fact that Bobby's house seems unchanged despite his disability. Accessibility: it's not just magic.

OKAY, NOW THE SILLY PART. Poll under the cut. (I forgot the other option, no biscuit for me. Leave a comment if I am clearly wrong and missed the very best bit.)

[Poll #1487989]
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