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Still not used to this clean room phenomenon. I also hate this damp weather. Stabbing pains in my fingers = bad.

Okay guys, as study music, a mixed Jazz CD or Spice Girls?

Edit: Snippy, the fuzziest thing I can remember dreaming about is socks. Good enough?
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This took place sometime this fall or early winter. I hastilly scribbled down notes because I was endlessly amused by it and may have even referenced it here, but I want to actually get said notes down, as I'd like to recycle the paper they're on.

Santa is Taking Over! OMG! )

My room is tidy. I was also going to post some Fibromyalgia notes today, to keep them handy should I ever want to reference them, but I don't want to overload the flist and I don't want to lock it, as Rachelle and a few others might actually find them interesting/useful, depending on how naive/willing to do stupid exercises they are. I rather like them. They remind me of basic details I tend to lose hold of. But tommorow, for those.

My little army of trouble dolls (okay, so there are six of them) are all out tonight. The slip of paper they came with says they're Chillean and that you lay one out for each of your problems at night. Each tiny little dolls sets about to work on the trouble you've assigned to it. Admittedly, they are not all for me today (though most are) and I know that they do not really do anything, but they make me feel a little better, like doing this somehow makes the problems a little smaller.
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I had strange dreams about bad caf food last night. You'd think putting up with it in real life is bad enough. I also dreamt of a really, really bizzare LARP, which is likely only so bizzare because in the dream, it started out as an honest-to-god business meeting. Going back to the caf part of things, someone really needed to stop putting milk and vegetables in my tea. I get it, eat healthy. But not in my tea, please!

In other news, you know how if you play with a horoscope, you can generally get it to be meaningful? And you know how some days its just blatantly wrong? Yeah, I had one of those days yesterday. Behold, for my mocking amusement.

Consider the possibility of taking on more responsibility. Generally, you avoid that like the plague, but think again.

More work. That's what I need. Ha. Hahahahaha. Oooo, that's funny.


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